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L.T. Bentley
author and storyteller
Book Art for Fatal Compulsions
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In Fatal Compulsions, Dr. Swann practices hypnotherapy on an amorous Don Carlson.  This raises some interesting ethical questions.  In a professional capacity, such behaviors would lead to a suspension of her license.  On a personal note, does Dr. Swann have the right to protect herself by any means possible, regardless of whether the threat is physical, emotional, or mental? Why or why not?


New therapies come to light every other year or so in the sciences, particularly in the area of behavioral sciences. In your opinion, what guidelines, if any, should be put into practice regarding the implementation of new therapies, keeping in mind that animal trials are useless in such areas and human trials are the only means of gathering somewhat accurate data.


Our pasts shape our todays and our futures.  This is true of everyone.  Understanding this fact, what precautions should we take as a society to ensure that those in charge of our medical care, mental health care, government, public safety, etc. are not mentally ill or criminally insane themselves?


At some point Dr. Swann crossed the line between law abiding citizen and murderess. In your opinion, at what point did this occur and what was the figurative “straw that broke the camel’s back” that changed the course that she was following?


In our society, murder, for any reason, results in incarceration for a period of time.  Once the killer goes before a judge and jury, it is then decided what punishment, if any will be enacted.  Knowing how Clarisse’s past drove her to the extremes that she engaged in, what would be your verdict for her sentencing if you were her judge and jury?


Caroline Swann seems ignorant of her daughter’s childhood abuse.  Many parents believe that they would note any signs or significant changes in their child’s behavior if abuse occurred. In your opinion, are there signs of abuse in victims? If there are signs, are parents criminally negligent if they fail to address the signs of abuse?


Dr. Audry Sampson is a liberal, modern woman by today’s societal standards.  Everett Allen is old-fashioned and outdated in his views regarding sex in relationships.  In today’s society, where we have gone from viewing pre-marital sex and even extramarital flirtations between individuals as common place and relatively acceptable, have we endangered or undermined the foundations of marriage and family by becoming more permissible as a society? Where do you see such changes in our society’s moral norms leading us in the next 25 years?


Criminal profiling continues to suffer from criticism, backlashing, and pigeonholing as being charlatan police work even today. It is not an exact science yet it has proven useful in the apprehension of criminal elements.  As a science, it’s accuracy is less than 50%.  Should criminal profiling be eliminated in police and law enforcement and what should we replace the practice with or should we continue to fine tune the science connected with this tool and what changes do you think should be made?

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